About the Blog

Welcome to Have Will, Will Travel.  I am in no way a professional writer but after years of planning and booking weekend trips and summer vacations, I found myself wishing I could find more information on specific venues/activities than what the websites have to offer.  Sometimes I found other people that expounded on certain areas such as Oahu, Hawaii (loved Oahu Revealed by Andrew Doughty) and Disney World of course, but what about a small town museum that happens to be on the way to Orlando or that Mom and Pop restaurant that looks interesting but has a one page website without much info.  That’s where my blog comes in.  This blog will provide detailed information about places that I visit.  I will give my opinion of restaurants, cities, sports venues, attractions, etc. after I visit them.  I will give the facts and my opinion.  I hope these posts will be helpful when you plan your next getaway.