Road to Savannah – Part 2

Continuing my series on Savannah, here are a couple of must visit restaurants whether you have time to eat or not.

Gryphon Tea Room

The Gryphon  Tea Room is actually easy to miss unless you are looking for it. Across the street from the Savannah College of Art and Design on Madison Square, this tea room is located in the 1926 Scottish Rite building on the corner. What makes this place so unique is the fact that it used to be an apothecary shop and the interior has not been changed. You can still see the shelves, herb drawers, and stained glass that is original to the shop. We tried to get in to eat but even on a Thursday there was a 60 minute wait for lunch. I did get a look at the menu though and it has a classic elegant niche to it. They have specialty salads and sandwiches like smoked salmon club along with some specialty entrees, but price is about average for a sit-down restaurant. The venue uses organic ingredients from local sources also, so your food is fresh. I wish I would have had more time because this is one place I want to try.

Pirates’ House

  The oldest house in Georgia is actually inside of a restaurant.

This one is for you ghost hunters. The Pirates’ House is a restaurant built inside of a 1753 inn for seafarers and attached to the oldest structure in Savannah, the Herb House, built in 1734. The venue has been restored beautifully and every room has a story. It is famous for becoming a rendezvous for pirates and of course has several tales of deceit and murder. One story says Captain Flint from the classic Treasure Island died in an upstairs room, and some claim to have seen his ghost. This story and more are on the table for you when you sit down, so you can read about the history of the place while you wait for your meal. You do not have to have a reservation but it reduces your wait time if you call ahead. You can even request which of the 15 dining rooms that you want to sit in. The food was good and there were several options so something for everyone. Make sure to put this one on your list the next time you visit Savannah.

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