Road to Savannah – Part 1

This year for Spring Break we took a road trip to Savannah, GA.  There were so many places I wanted to share that I had to split into 3 different posts.  This is the start of our trip with one stop before we got there.  Sorry that they are mostly restaurants but since it was my first time to stay in Savannah, the museums and houses we toured are well-known.  These places were recommended by locals and not chain restaurants.

Lane Southern Orchards

Lane Orchards

This venue is actually not in Savannah, but was on our way to Savannah.  You may have seen this name on a product in the grocery store, but did you know its home base is an actual attraction?  Lane Southern Orchards was started by a local Georgia family in 1908 and has been growing peaches and pecans ever since.  Through the years they have added more produce options along with a cafe, store, farm tours, and factory tours at their base of operation.  Located just 5 minutes west of I-75 near Fort Valley, GA, this is a must stop. You can purchase fresh produce, juices, wines, preserves, baked goods, homemade ice cream, or even have a meal in their cafe.  They even have special events with more activities for the family. I make a point to stop every time I am close. I even drove 45 miles out of my way this trip to eat lunch and purchase my muscadine cider, cinnamon pecan bread, and of course homemade ice cream.  It was worth every mile!

The Funky Brunch Cafe


I know you will think I am just a big kid, but I was so excited when we discovered this place.  You can cook your own pancakes at the table! The crazy thing is that I hate to cook but come on a griddle built into the table!  Don’t worry. You don’t have to mix. They bring the batter in a squeeze bottle along with the toppings/extra ingredients of your choice to the table prepared.  You just squeeze, place extras (blueberries for me) into the batter, and cook. For the people in your group that doesn’t think this is cool, you can choose to let them do the cooking.  Their menu is awesome. Check out some of these menu options:


Breakfast at Mom’s – Mom was a great cook, but never made it like this!  Two eggs cooked to order on top of fresh biscuits, all smothered in our sumptuous sausage gravy, with a side of bacon

Black n Bleu Sea Grits – Some crustaceans and some creamy grits got into a fight. Now, they’re all black n bleu!  This dish features our creamy grits covered in our bleu cheese Mornay sauce, topped with blackened lobster and shrimp and then finished with a sprinkling of chopped bacon

Putin’s Reuben – Vladimir  wishes he had this!  We start with melted Swiss cheese on rye bread.  We place warm turkey on one side. On the other, we place our apple slaw infused with a top secret, under house-arrest made KGB Russian dressing that makes this a wonderfully unique and delectable taste

Now who would not want to at least try this restaurant?  The Funky Brunch Cafe is open everyday 8 AM – 3 PM.  They also offer outdoor seating for those who love to enjoy the fresh air.  It is close to Warren Square and has a parking lot in the back. You can’t miss it.

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